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Human Rights Commission clashes with Salt Lake City mayor over diversity director’s firing
Published December 1, 2017 | Salt Lake Tribune

“It was very difficult to get answers out of the mayor and her staff on a lot of these important issues,” Iverson said. “The primary question I had at the end was how autonomous is our commission supposed to be, and I wasn’t able to get an answer.”
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Report: Salt Lake City police can build public trust through better training and accountability
Published September 25, 2017 | Salt Lake Tribune

The commission’s report was based on three community dialogues that included 236 people, said Michael Iverson, chairman of the commission. “Particular attention was made to invite to these dialogues members of under-served and often under-represented populations.”
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Homeless people scatter throughout Salt Lake Valley in wake of Operation Rio Grande
Published September 11, 2017 | Salt Lake Tribune

In Central City, Michael Iverson said he’s seeing a significant increase in homeless campers.
“People aren’t happy with the garbage left behind,” he said. “And we hear loud arguments in the middle of the night. It’s a powder keg when so many people are staying in the same area.”
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Rob Miller, accused of sexual harassment, drops out of leadership race — and the Utah Democratic Party
Published June 8, 2017 | Salt Lake Tribune

…Michael Iverson and Maria C. Hiatt, legislative district chairman and vice-chairwoman, respectively, echoed such sentiments and also called for Miller to withdraw. “As legislative district officers, we commit to start by believing” in fighting sexual harassment.”
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Trolley Square gets zoning approval for major additions, including apartments and a hotel
Published January 18, 2017 | Deseret News

…Iverson represents thousands of residents and businesses in the area. He said they are OK with new developments as long as they fit in and don’t stick out. “You know we are in the Central City Historic District, which is the oldest historic district in the city, and people are protective of that,” Iverson said.
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Mayor Jackie Biskupski Gets An Earful At Neighborhood Council Meeting
Published January 4, 2017 | Good4Utah

…”People are of course concerned about crime particularly drug use,” Council Chairman Michael Iverson told ABC4 Utah News. “We have heard from some new people who are quite angry about it and particularly angry at the process and what they see as a lack of transparency.”
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‘We need your help': Biskupski pleads for ‘open minds’ from homeless site neighbors
Published January 4, 2017 | Deseret News

…”People are very wary,” said Michael Iverson, chairman of the Central City Neighborhood Council. “We’ve heard some people don’t want it in their neighborhood at all, but we have heard from others, I’d say the majority, that understand the need for Central City to step up and do our part in this issue.”
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SLC’s Central City neighborhood seeks more transparency, local oversight for homeless shelters
Published December 17, 2016 | Salt Lake Tribune

…Iverson said that full engagement and a partnership among City Hall, homeless-service providers, residents and business owners are needed for the project to succeed.
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S.L. Council agrees Sugar House, downtown homeless sites must be ‘low-impact’Published December 15, 2016 | Deseret News

…While Central City neighborhood chairman Michael Iverson said his area will “greet the challenge with optimism,” he also urged the city to be more transparent and cooperative with the neighborhood moving forward.
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Reactions to homeless resource center sites run gamut of compassion to outrage
Published December 13, 2016 | KSL

…Michael Iverson, chairman of the Central City Neighborhood Council’s executive board, said the neighborhood greets the challenge of a homeless resource center “with optimism. We expect a greater degree of transparency and cooperation from the city and county moving forward.”
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Plans unveil new details of six-building Trolley Square project
Published December 3, 2016 | Deseret News

…”There’s some excitement, but certainly a lot of wariness,” said Michael Iverson, Central City Neighborhood Council chairman. “There’s excitement to get more housing in the area and to help revitalize Trolley Square, but trepidation about the size, historical district and the design.”
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Fourth time’s the charm as panel approves smaller South Temple project
Published April 8, 2016 | Salt Lake Tribune

…The head of the Central City Neighborhood Council said consensus among adjacent residents now was positive. Chairman Michael Iverson said he welcomed the inclusion of three-bedroom dwellings for their appeal to families.
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Trolley Square owner to neighbors: I’ll listen to your ideas for new development
Published April 7, 2016 | Salt Lake Tribune

…Michael Iverson, chairman of the Central City Neighborhood Council, said that due to an apparent quirk in city public-notice policies, he had no chance for in-depth comment on the rezone before the Planning Commission’s March 9 vote.
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Plan for shops, apartments south of Trolley Square clears hurdle despite opposition
Published March 10, 2016 | Salt Lake Tribune

…”I suspect the developer knows this project will be unpopular,” Neighborhood Council Chairman Michael Iverson said, “and that’s why they’ve done no community outreach.”
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Old public safety building to become mixed-income housing
Published August 21, 2015 | Deseret News

…Michael Iverson, Central City Neighborhood Council chairman, said he was “downright excited” when city officials announced plans to bring affordable and permanent supportive housing to his community.
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Old SLC PD building to be redeveloped as housing
Published August 21, 2015 | Fox 13

…Downtown real estate values have been climbing, making it tougher to find affordable housing, said Michael Iverson, the chairman of the Central City Neighborhood Council. In his own building, there’s a waiting list of 700 for an open unit.
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Salt Lake City’s Old Public Safety Building to Become Apartments, Stores
Published August 21, 2015 | KUER

…From left to right: Michael Iverson from the Central City Community Council, Michael Akerlow, director of housing and neighborhood development for Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker.
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3 more Salt Lake City sites targeted for affordable housing
Published August 21, 2015 | Deseret News

…Michael Iverson, chairman of the Central City Community Council, said it could bring significant relief to a dense, walkable and appealing urban neighborhood that is hampered by a lack of housing. The crisis, Iverson said, was especially dire for students, young families, the elderly and the disabled.
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